activates collagen AND elastin

enhances product absorption

TIGHTENS Rejuvenates lifts

Lynnor  SWINBURNE-coy

Managing Director


Lynnor entered the beauty industry back in 1981 and throughout her many years of experience she has  been a pioneer of various aspects within this industry.  Firstly she pioneered the art of cosmetic tattooing in NZ (1985) then introduced this art to the Gold Coast, Australia in 1987.  She followed this with the launch of glycolic acid formulations to Australia 1992 (RAVIR Skin Care) and the first topical Vitamin C and Kojic Acid skin care products during the 1990's.  More recently Lynnor introduced the PHOTON Derma Roller and she is now very proud to launch the PRO DERMA PLUS elite model derma pen.  Lynnor says you only need to hold this pen to realise just how far apart it is from anything currently available here in Australia.  PRO DERMA PLUS has the added benefit of a Regeneration Bar which Lynnor highly recommends for use after Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy and skin needling.  Results are immediate from the combination of all three treatments in the one session.



PRO DERMA PLUS features include:

  • Vertical Vibrating Needle Action  -  minimises epidermal damage, minimises pain, allows for minimal downtime.
  • Adjustable Needle Depth  -  controllable depth range from 0.2mm - 2.5mm.  Shallow depths for under eyes, deeper depths for acne scarring.
  • Speed Control  -  Speed may be varied to suit specific areas.
  • Disposable 12 Pin Medical Grade Needle Heads  -  1300 micro-channels per second allows shorter, more effective treatment times.  Micro transcellular routes induce wound healing, accelerating collagen induction in the dermal and basal layers.
  • Reliable High Duty Motor  -  Quality assurance 2 years.
  • Major Advantages  -  As effective as IPL, Laser, Chemical Peels without the negative side effects, downtime and cost.  Does not use thermal heat, therefore safe for normal, sensitive and dark skins.  Visual and noticeable improvement within days.
  • 24K Gold Regeneration Bar Benefits - Lymphatic detox, lifts and firms, softens fine lines, lightens skin, eliminates facial oedema, promotes metabolism, rejuvenates, regenerates.