PEPTIDES act as messengers between the epidermis and dermis, stimulating the production of collagen, encouraging the repair and reconstruction of the dermis, healing wounds, inhibiting wrinkle formation, enhancing circulation and water retention and retaining moisture.  RAVIR Medics'    scientifically advanced amino-peptide and phyto-peptide serums (Luminous Peptide Serum,            Amino-Lift Peptide Complex) are highly effective in reducing the depth of wrinkles in the

forehead, crow's feet, frown lines and lip lines.  Ingredients include Argireline (relaxes muscles

that cause deep wrinkles), Matrixyl (reduces appearance of lines), DMAE (provides

immediate improvement in skin firmness.

VITAMIN A increases the turnover and formation of new collagen, elastin and skin cells and acts

as a skin growth hormone.  This increased speed of dermal cell growth speeds the resurfacing

process, thickens the dermal layer and 'plumps out' the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. 

RAVIR Medics' Vitamin A Refining Complex creates an effective barrier against moisture loss

and bacterial infection and will not irritate open skin.

To allow for an even more intense treatment PRO DERMA PLUS has the added benefit of the Regeneration Bar, a 24K T-shaped head which, once energised, vibrates 6000 times per minute and emits pure gold negative ions.  These ions stimulate the dermal level to emit more collagen, balance renewal, eliminate facial oedema, lighten fine lines, encourage skin to not only lighten on pigmented areas, but to become healthier, more moist, full of elasticity and rejuvenated.

VITAMIN C is essential for elastin and collagen formation.  Routine application of RAVIR Medics' Vitamin C formulas will plump, tighten and tone sagging, redundant skin while strengthening collagen fibres and reducing oxidative damage.  Vitamin C also provides cumulative UVA and UVB protection.

Skin resurfacing and skin rejuvenation all in one extraordinary treatment!  The micro channels created by the PRO DERMA PLUS are perceived by the body to be an injury, the body is actually fooled into thinking that there has been damage to the skin and so launches into repair mode (a normal response to injury).  This initiates a cascade of events known as the wound healing process in which   each micro channel created goes through a process of inflammation, proliferation and then tissue remodelling resulting in increased collagen and elastin production - if there is just one tiny channel, this response would not be of such importance, however when you think of the thousands of tiny micro channels created during a derma pen treatment - the result is a whole new layer of collagen laid down over the treated area.  This process may be repeated until desired results are achieved.

Studies have shown up to a 1000% increase in collagen and elastin production.