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   RAVIR Medics and Pro Derma Plus

       the ultimate combination for optimum results



Combining RAVIR Medics skincare with skin needling treatments ensures the skin has an adequate supply of the nutrients necessary for  optimum  renewal and repair - at the very minimum we recommend the use of RAVIR's Vitamin and Vitamin C along  with our Luminous Peptide Serum and Amino-Lift Peptide Complex to assist with anti-aging processes. 

Always remember results from skin needling are only as good as the products used during the treatment. Derma pens have the ability

to  'push'  active  substances  through the  stratum  corneum and  into  the  lower layers of the epidermis where they become far more

effective.  Micro  channels  created  during  treatment  remain  open  for  at  least  one  hour  and  any  active  substances applied are

absorbed far more efficiently.

Since 1992 RAVIR Medics' Managing Director Lynnor Swinburne-Coy has liased with medical and cosmeceutical laboratories across USA, selecting formulas that offer the most effective remedies for a variety of conditions affecting the skin.  RAVIR's main laboratory initially began formulating in Europe and then became the first company to pioneer the use of botanicals in the USA.  RAVIR offers     only the best of ingredients, including Vitamins, AHA's, Professional Peels, Stem Cells,  Phyto-Peptides, Antioxidants, Botanicals,  DMAE, Co-Enzyme Q10, Alpha Lipoeic Acid ... and much more.

        Constantly a leader and often 'ahead of the times', RAVIR's products are formulated to address the demands of the most           challenging skin conditions and this is evidenced by the amazing results from continued use of our formulations.