Highly Active Antioxidants and Cell  Growth Factors

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                     Hydra Gel - Vitamin B5 Enriched                                                                                                      $115.00                               

                           high % of Hyaluronic Acid - use under Vitamin C products and/or any moisturiser

                     Luminous Peptide Serum                                                                                   $105.00

                           inhibits melanin production, corrects uneven skin tone, firms, tightens

                     Cellular Resilience Complex                                                                              $115.00

                           anti-ageing stem-cell complex to help skin recover elasticity of 12 years ago

                     Amino-Lift Peptide Complex                                                                              $125.00

                           promotes collagen renewal, extreme hydration, smoother, firmer, healthier-looking skin

                     Vitamin A Refining Complex                                                                              $105.00

                           promotes cellular renewal, speeds exfoliation revealing younger, plumper skin

                     Retinol Night Masque                                                                                           $85.00

                           time released Retinol delivers concentrated doses of Vitamin A without irritating skin,            

                           improves elasticity, diminishes imperfections, soothes stressed skin

                     Vitamin C Crème                                                                                                  $105.00

                           stimulation of collagen/environmental protection

                     Vitamin C Serum                                                                                                  $105.00

                           Glycolic/Salicylic Acids and Vitamin C to dramatically improve skin texture

                     Rapid Response Line Filler - Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Filling Spheres                             $115.00

                           instant smoothing effect on wrinkles, crow's feet, frown/expression lines,                                                                                                      

                           non invasive alternative to surgery and wrinkle fillers

                     Phyto-Moisture Complex - highly emollient                                                                              $125.00

                           accelerates skin rejuvenation/cell repair, reverses UV damage

                     Rescue Post Treatment                                                                                       $125.00

                           calms, promotes healing, restores hydration, post laser and peels

                     Rosaplex Skin Serum                                                                                            $95.00

                           sensitive, rosacea-prone skin, tones redness, calms reactive skin